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I designed this webpage just to learn how to write HTML, Perl and Javascript. I dont promote this site, and it doesnt matter whether it has visitors or not, but it's a good way to learn.

The following is a collection of links that I find interesting, funny or helpful:

Maddox's site

Maddox writes funny articles. Don't go to his site if you are easily offended. If you are easily offended, quit being such a pussy and visit it anyway.


Arbornet is America's oldest public access unix system, and a non-profit organisation.

Ubuntu Linux

This is the homepage of Ubuntu Linux, the operating system installed on my computer.

WWW Consortium

The World Wide Web Consortium tries to standardize computer languages and ensure the internet does not become monopolized. My website does not (unfortunately) conform to their HTML standards, because my way is easier.

HTML Goodies

HTML Goodies is a great site for tutorials on HTML, Perl/CGI, PHP, Javascript and more.